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About  The Name

About  The Photographer

Hello and welcome!

My name is Andrew Leal. I am a native Austinite who recently left the great state of Texas to live in the heart of New York City. As evident from my work I have a passion for sports, travel, and dogs. I also enjoy creating art (woodworking, paint and prints) and maximizing my time outdoors. 


My skill in photography developed out of a love for special and exciting moments which I knew had to be memorialized. I love capturing beautiful scenes and moments in some pretty fantastic places.


My passion for all dogs and the cool dog life led me to Zilker Bark, Austin’s leading professional dog photography brand. My dogs are family to me and they deserve their time in front of a lens. My clients feel the same way about their own four-legged friends. I approach dog photography in the same way as human portrait photography: I pose them, direct them, find their strengths and expose their best selves. At times I get licked, chewed on or tackled, but it’s all part of the job. Each session, I work to reveal your dog’s personality and capture those “lightning in a bottle” shots. The results always put a smile on my face and I am once again reminded that I’m lucky to be part of it all.

Sports were a big part of my life growing up and I played as many as I could. Amazing things happen at every game. When split-second decisions are constantly required, there’s no time to figure things out; you act on reflex! Watching a game in real-time, spectators often miss seeing these incredible human feats. Being on this side of the lens, capturing these moments, has given me a renewed appreciation for human athletic ability. Our bodies can do awesome things.

In addition to dogs and other quadrupeds, my professional portfolio comprises portraits, sports, travel, music gigs and special moments. I shoot for Major League Rugby (MLR), US Lacrosse and have photographed for the Prime Minister of Ireland, Texas Rugby Union, and local animal shelters.

If you like my work or have questions about my services, please reach out and contact me. I'd love to work with you!

It's simple, FLOBO PHOTO is entirely based on my two little pups

Flea was 3 months away from reaching 17 years old! She was a Long haired Chihuahua mix and she loved to chase squirrels and beg for treats. I cherished every little moment with her and she's missed daily.

Bobo is a 15yr old Long haired Chihuahua. He loves cuddles above all else. (He's sort of clingy.)


FLea + bOBO  = FLOBO




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