Kegon Waterfall

Kegon Waterfall


Kegon Waterfall is ranked as one of Japan’s three most beautiful falls. This nearly 100-meter fall is located in Okunikko and relieves the beautiful Lake Chuzenji.



I’m told if you are visiting Nikko, Kegon waterfall is a must. There is an elevator that will take you from a nearby parking lot to an underground tunnel that leads out to the bottom of the fall. This is the lower observation deck. You can then climb up the stairs of the deck and view the fall from the upper observation platform. About 90% of the photos I had seen of Kegon were from this platform. Admittedly in the winter the fall is pretty bleak, muddied, and frozen. All of the vantage points from the deck revealed only the waterfall surrounded by a dark and color-lacking landscape. On my way from the elevator to the parking lot I decided to hike around the edge of the adjacent cliff and found this pocket between two trees with the fall between them. I captured a couple photos. Flat. Every image was dull and flat. A couple more with different settings just for the sake of it I thought. Then as if the clouds sensed my disappointment, they parted. Sunlight everywhere. Very bright sunlight. The little pocket began to glow. Light was bouncing off the brown grass, the snow, and the bare tree trunks. The trees and all their branches were giving me this almost impossible golden glow. I moved my camera, focused on the trees instead, and clicked


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